Office Location

My office is located at Mivtsa Kadesh 13, Raanana. When arriving via Ahuza, turn right if coming from Tzomet Raanana, or left if coming from Herzliya, onto Migdal, at traffic light #12. My office is an approximately 8 minute walk from Ahuza Street. Walking up Migdal Street, turn right at the historic water tower onto Mivtsa Kadesh. My office is in the second “Adirim” building, entrance number 13. You can find parking conveniently located facing the buildings, or parking can be found a short distance away on HaHagana Street or on Mordechai Anielewicz Street, and you can walk through the adjacent park to Mivtsa Kadesh.

Once inside entrance #13, turn immediately left and take the elevator to the 5 th floor. Take a seat outside apartment #9 (the only apartment on the floor) and just before your appointment time, ring the bell to let me know that you are there. When I finish with the previous client I will escort them out and escort you into my office. I am looking forward to welcoming you to my new office.

Map to office

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